Higher and higher….

I told them, “Like a phoenix from the ashes I shall rise”
They laughed, called me naïve and unwise
Today I stand tall with my wings spread out for a flight
The sky is inviting and the sun is shining bright

They weighed me down and clipped my wings
Every time I tried to move I broke some strings
I climbed, I fell, I moved yet again.
With each flight I broke a chink in the chain

I spent sleepless nights and breathless days
Trying with all my might to clear the haze
I never gave up, never gave in
Because I knew then, I was born to win

I soared into an unsteady flight and they bared their claws
Ready to pounce on me, rip me apart, pick on my flaws
I flapped my wings harder and there I was
Reaching higher and higher without a pause

They stand now down there below waiting for me to burst in a flame
But mind you, I have many a skies to conquer before I end this game
Burst into flames I will, but that day is very far
Till then I have to reach every zenith and touch each star


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