The Flight of the phoenix

Like a phoenix I shall rise from ashes

Soar high like an eagle and touch the skies

Battered I might have been but defeated I am not

Treated like a burden I might have been but burdened I am not

My birth wasn’t rejoiced but my life is going to be a celebration

I will be hailed not by one but the whole generation

All the heads that had hung low under the burden of the girl child

Shall find in me their lost tranquility, faded faith and forgotten pride

Despite all my flaws they showed me, I shall find love

For my hurt ego, bruised heart and the dreams I was deprived of.

I will make a place for myself, in the world that denies

If shoved again, I will make a world of my own better than their paradise

With my glory I shall dazzle those who ridiculed me

Punished me, belittled me and made me feel small

Every time I took a step ahead there they stood

In front of me raising a big dark wall

But I never gave in, never gave up

Little by little, step by step I scaled each brick and grew tall.

Like a phoenix I have risen from ashes

Like an Eagle I soar

Don’t you dare stop me,

For I am at war.


4 thoughts on “The Flight of the phoenix

  1. >Awesome n real thoughts. I was very moved by all your poems, they make so much of sense and i could relate to all of them.As we grow we lose out on so much only out of our own fear n apprehensions.I am so proud to know a levelheaded n much organised person like you. I will always look forward to reading ur "Random Thoughts" which make more sense than other sensible talks.. all the best. keep goinglove


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