been a while

Its been a while since i wrote…infact its been a while since i did just about anything fun. The constant sound of hammer machines has replaced music, i still use the laptop but more to do up the excels on accounts for the house, or the pending work…..a hurried cup of tepid re-heated tea has replaced a quiet cup of coffee at Barista. No, I am not working for a corporate giant now. I am getting my own house constructed.

So what’s the big deal? Only those of you who have ventured into it would know. We started out with a dream – our own house, you know, complete with picket fences, dogs in the front yard, my husband and me sitting in the patio, sipping our coffee….

That was the beginning of the nightmare. Enter the contractor – an antithesis of everything you expect in a professional. Deadline are non existent, original plan of the house is distorted by the end, everything works – the taps, the lights, – but at the right time and with the right switch? Now thats asking for too much! I have dealt with everything, an over sized counter in an excuse of a washroom, to a room without any sockets to charge my mobile to a wavy (like choppy water kind of wavy) wooden floor to switches in the backyard operating lights in the porch.It just doesnt end…

So while I got in this whirlwind, i forgot everything else. Became sort of obsessed – each mark needs to be taken out, each scratch needs to be repaired….and so on. Each day began with a diligently written list of defects from the previous day and each day ended with adding new things to it. I would toss and turn at night, I’d be sitting with friends yet calling some vague guy about some damaged glass.

Somehow, I realized today, that this is not why I built this house. We started out coz we wanted a place of our own, where we didn’t have to worry about each scratch or mark!! And here I was stressing over gluestick pasted all over the almirah by my younger one! So I have decided to let go. Let go of the mad woman inside me who is ready to kill anybody with a tool – a hammer, brush, spade, just about any tool!  I am not falling for the compromise, I am just becoming more accepting. There is a difference, when you compromise, you fall prey to negativity. Acceptance is more like embracing what is in front of you and walking towards positivity. Who would have thought, brick and mortar would teach me so much!

So starting today, I am going back to enjoying each day! Hop on my friends!


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