Never forget..

Yesterday while cleaning up my elder son’s bag, I came across a piece of paper which seemed to have braved a lot of creases and folds. I carefully unfolded the sheet to find the following poem (if you can call it that!) typed on it. It left me speechless. He had saved it all these months! I had written it for both the boys. Ishaan had really liked it and kept it in his pocket. I had expected to find shreds of paper in the washing machine! But here it was. I asked him why he had saved it for so long. “You wrote it for me mumma, thats why! And when I miss you, I just read it!”

There he was, nine years old, 4 feet something boy made of pure love. 

Always remember never forget
Mumma might scold you,
but you will always remain her star
She might not buy you all the toys,
but she wishes that you have everything
She might not tell you all the time,
but you mean the world to her
She sometimes might scream,
but she is always there for you
She makes you study hard, lectures you all the time
but she will still be there even if you score less
She loses patience a lot, sometimes even gives up
but she has all the time for you, every day, every moment
She might not let you sleep till late,
but she kisses you every night when you are asleep
She might get you to practice hard for sports
But she cheers you on even when you are last in line
Always remember and never let yourself forget
There would be days when you see darkness all around
All you have to do is turn around and there she would be
Standing right there beside you, holding your hand.


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