You have to pick up the news paper  just once to realize the existence of two parallel worlds – one which flies spacecraft to the space and the other – which stays in the scum, splashing about dirt -Dirt of hatred, suspicion and mistrust in anyone of a different color, caste or religion. It is a sad aspect that all of us face or witness and shuffle nervously about. Yet it has become such an integral part of the social fabric that mostly we do not even notice. I see it everyday, on the roads, in the markets …even at my workplace…the innuendos….the sharp comments on particular communities…the Aesopian, downright degrading hints in seemingly innocent jokes….  it is sad and I sincerely hope that it changes one day….



I have travelled across vast barren lands

And sailed through turbulent seas,

Felt the sting of harsh desert sands

And the lullaby of the cool summer breeze.



My journeys across the world have ended

But I continue to travel restlessly within.

The barriers of colours I have transcended

But I still struggle with hatred for self and skin.



Everywhere I go, I can smell putrid hatred in the air

I see doubt in the hearts and feel pain in the dreams

There’s fear in the hands that tremble and fold for a prayer,

Deafening silence outside while the soul silently screams.



In that scream is a cry of deep tearing despair,

Rising from the soul wrought by blood and tears.

The cry warns of a flickering fire within ready to flare,

Singeing all that is dark, hateful and reeks of fears.



 When the clouds get darker and the hands don’t fold

the faint flame shall spread and leap like wild fire.

When the silence gets louder and screams icy cold

It shall rise above and light the rotting dark pyre.



A day shall come when the colours truly fade

From our divided lands, broken hearts and shaded skin.

The turbulent, dark waters that we today wade

Shall become calm and the soul shall once more win.



Till then I choose to travel across lands and years,

in an endless journey seeking that flicker of light.

The tiny flame of hope that warms us, dries our tears,

 The tiny flame within that one day shall rise and fight.






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