Of Mother’s and their days

Morning was rushed. The younger one forgot to brush his teeth. Again. He forgot to get the cheque for some Olympiad signed the previous evening. Again. The older one was furiously mumbling about the younger one being a blot on the face of entire mankind, an exception to the law of evolution, and more such pearls. They managed to get on the bus nanoseconds before the driver decided to give up on waiting for them. Again. And in all this chaos are five dogs making sure that at least one human trips over them. I think I saw one do a fist pump last time I went flat. Once the bus horn fades, the household sinks in to a sigh. Then comes the tea. A deeper sigh. And three dogs snoring near my feet. They have worked hard all morning. And they did succeed in tripping the younger one. An easy target considering he mostly sleep walks all the time. 

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