Reading essentials : For three year olds by an almost three year old


Going ahead with our series of reading essentials, this time we trapped a three year old (two years, none months, and few days to be precise). And boy do we have a list! A considerable amount of bribing went into compilation of this list because poor mommy was made to read quite a few books before our curator picked them. Little Dev has also tried to objectively state why he loves these. His primary motivator was his love for cars and animals. That sounds fair.

My truck is stuck by Kevin Lewis

This is Dev’s absolute favourite and multiple readings everyday has led to the book looking very well read. It must be added that it is bravely holding fort, despite some tears, nicks and cuts. Reason for loving it – a tow truck, obviously.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

He loves this one because this has Ma who says ‘hush!’

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson 

Dev has mixed feelings about this one because the poor infant’s mumma is initially missing. So he loves to rush through the beginning to quickly get to the end where mumma is found. He loves the book once the baby is reunited with his mum. Aw!

Jack and the flum flum tree by Julia, Robert Donaldson

‘I love boats and there is shark.’

Dig dig digging by Margaret Mayo  Alex Ayliffe 

‘I love diggers!’

Adventures of Polo by Regis Faller

On being pestered why he loves this one, ‘I just told you! I love boats.’

Jolly Tall by Hissey Jane

This book is the culprit behind reminding little Dev about his long forgotten soft toys. The obvious demand after reading this one is a tall gift.

Bringing down the moon by Jonathan Emmett 

As soon as our spy finished reading this to our curator, he ran up to the terrace. The book was then reenacted. This seems to be an every time ritual, and an indicator enough of the goodness of this one.

Red Stop, Green Go by P. D. Eastman

Our curator wasn’t sure why he loved this one except that he can’t stop himself from turning flaps, pages making the cars go in and out of the tunnel and the dogs inside the pool. Our very well researched guess is that he fancies interactive books.

Skykidz E book by Sky Kidz

This has stayed with little Dev since he was all of one and a half year. Reason is clear enough – cars and that too with sound effects!

Sometimes, as grown ups we overthink the choices. We look for content, the story arc, the message, and many more such things, when all a toddler is looking for a car and some animals. And if the car makes some noise, even better.

 Thank you Reshma for being the supersleuth, and Dev for being the ever so critical curator!

4 thoughts on “Reading essentials : For three year olds by an almost three year old

  1. Lovely! A few of these books figure in my 2yr old’s list of favourite books too!It would help if you included the authors’ names too 😊


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