Reading Essentials – A seven year old’s list for young readers


 Vikram, all of seven years, took precisely twenty minutes to come up with his list! We suspect our interviewer, Devika Mahajan, might have bribed him. Since the list is absolutely delicious we shall look the other way, and pretend that no unfair means were used to get  hold of the list. In keeping with the tradition, Vikram has listed fairly precise reasons for his inclination towards these.

  1. The day the crayons quit by Drew Daywalt

‘The crayons wrote some stuff that I really liked.’

  1. The stinky cheese vacation – Geronimo Stilton series

‘Geronimo Stilton had to do lots of work and I loved that.’

  1. Diary of a Taekwondo Master – Shamini Flint

‘It was very funny. Once the new bully took Marcus’ belt and tied him to a light pole!’

  1. Oliver – Syd Hoff

‘Oliver is very cute and honest.’

  1. Bubbles series

‘I like all bubble books.’

  1. Snow – Mr. Men series

‘I love that snowman is alive and Santa has magic!’

  1. One fish, two fish by Dr. Seuss

‘He says that a fish is in a car! That was so funny!’

  1. The Magic Rolling Pin – Vikas Khanna

‘I loved the whole story.’

  1. Jack’s Hair (first stories)

‘I loved the ending the most!’

  1. Uncle Leo’s adventure in the Romanian Steppes – Yannets Levi

‘I loved it when the person gets stuck on a cloud!’

Thank you, Vikram! You make us believe in the simplicity of reading! All one needs is a book and a corner. The complicated reviews that analyse every comma in the book, the bestsellers’ list, the books that are stacked on the most prominent shelf of the store – they are all useless to a child who has his heart set on his own list of his bests. Thank you Devika for growing a bookworm and being the undercover correspondent.


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