Reading Essentials : A 14 year old lists absolute must-reads

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Simren Bhinde sends us this lovely list of books that a fourteen year old should have read by now. If you are fourteen, and still haven’t checked these out, do not panic. You have the summer vacations at hand! Go on, give them a shot.

The book thief(Markus Zusak) It interests me as it shows the difficulties faced by children all around the world, and highlights the main theme and the inevitable truth that one day everyone will die.

Paper towns-(John Green) This is an absolutely brilliant book and leads us deeper into the mind of someone who would do anything for love and shows us how people put masks on their true selves and do not show the world who they really are.

The maze runner trilogy-(James Dashner) Another dystopian novel that highlights difficulties faced by prople in isolation and how people have to work extremely hard to survive in the future world.

The books of beginning-(John Stephens-an incomplete series-3rd book said to come out sometime in 2016) in a fantasy book set on the lives of three siblings who have been led to a mysterious world where they find out they are keepers of the three books of beginning.  Extremely exciting to read this series and keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Journey to the river sea (Eva Ibbotson) is an adventure book set in the Amazon jungle and is about a girl named Maia who has recently been taken in by her good for nothing and greedy aunt and uncle.  It takes you through her life in the forest and how her whole life changes when she meets a British boy running away from his past.  It is a beautifully written book about struggles faced by people in the world.

The secret series (Pseudonymous Bosch) is an extremely light hearted series basically based on chocolate.  Though a little below the age group of 12-14, it is a brilliant and witty novel that people of all ages will love.

The fault in our stars( John Green) is an emotionally wrecking novel that is by far one of the best I have ever read.  It follows the lives of two cancer patients and of how they fall in love with just a limited number of days on their hands.  It takes you on an emotional roller coaster and is absolutely brilliant.

The divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth is a dystopian novel about society and division according to talent and abilities where someone is discriminated against for being different and how someone who, though they try extremely hard, can never fit in.

2 thoughts on “Reading Essentials : A 14 year old lists absolute must-reads

  1. while I agree with the whole list of books given above (which I rather enjoyed reading), here are some must-reads for all 12 year olds:
    1. PERCY JACKSON SERIES – RICK RIORDAN : About a boy of 14 who turns out to be the son of Poseidon, now holds the fate of the world.
    2. HARRY POTTER – J K ROWLING : About a young adventurous wizard who defeats the Dark One (Voldemort) after a battle of 7 long books.
    3. MALGUDI DAYS – R K NARAYAN : The novel revolves around the different changes that occur in the imaginary town of Malgudi.
    4. THE HOBBIT, LORD OF THE RINGS SERIES – J R R TOLKIEN : These novels dig deep into the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the wizard, Gandalf with his thirteen dwarves.


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