Reading Essentials – A 15 year old’s blockbuster list of must-reads

10603579_10203826014081980_3151303181088313024_nYou know you have hit another jackpot when the photo accompanying the list has two telltale keyrings which the bookworm has forged herself. Navyaa rattled the list off to our correspondent, Namrata who with lightening speed noted all the details down. We are thankful to the cosmos for feeding such bookworms with all the books they need and of course their parents who let them indulge.

  1. Mortal Instruments and companion books – well written, good characters and plot, deals with issues relevant to modern life
  2.  Terry Pratchetts (all 40) – it is satire, and good satire because it first makes you laugh and then makes you think
  3. The Phantom Tollbooth – quite a lot of school kids will relate to the main character
  4. The Disappearing Spoon and anything else by Sam Kean – has very interesting nuggets and anecdotes that you will not find in science textbooks, plus very well-written
  5. Simon Singh – all three books -you just have to read them to know why they are phenomenal!
  6. Anything by Saki – very cleverly funny
  7.  Anything by Diana Wynne Jones – well written fantasy, engaging plot lines and characters 
  8. All Harry Potters (obviously) — has many plot lines that interweave and end up making sense later; fodder for debate with others (how can you not read them Mamma?!).
  9.  Calvin & Hobbes — cute and hilarious! Calvin is the most cynical and wise six year old ever, and would object vociferously to being called ‘cute’ just like my younger sister.
  10. Asterix — full of puns, pokes fun at stereotypes, makes me laugh nonstop.

Navyaa, we know at fifteen you have far better things to do than to show the light to other bookworms. We are thankful to you for taking the time out to make sure that quite a few of us spend a good portion of the coming weekend haunting bookstores.

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