Reading Essentials: An almost nine year old’s list for book-lovers his age and older

IMG_20150531_181215691 Abir is nearing nine (8 years and 9 months, to be exact). He is one of the dreamiest bookworms I have ever met. The only way you can get his attention is by offering him a new book. The book better be good or else one risks losing respect in his eyes. He, along with his sibling, can remain lost to the world for hours at end thanks to his voracious appetite for books. Our reporter Pallavi had a tough time getting him to stop at eleven.

  1. Amar Aiyaar King of Tricksters by Sulaiman Ahmad

Amar and Hamza get so many magical gifts from prophets and saints. Amar Aiyaar is a very fun character.

  1. Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling

Because it Harry Potter!

  1. Septimus Heap Series by Angie Sage

The spells are not so long, and have real words. Septimus Heap is the 7th son of a 7th son, and very magical!

  1. Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

I saw the movie first, and got curious and read. I like both watching movies and reading books. So this came together, and I could imagine every word. The parts which weren’t in the movie, had more of Bilbo’s role in them, which I really liked.

  1. Testing Times – Adventures Of Stoob by Samit Basu

Because it’s so funny, really really really funny!

  1. Horrible Science Series by Nick Arnold

Because it’s so full of horrible facts – it’s funny in that way. Also in Deadly Diseases’ book, they are talking about how human and germs are in an everlasting war and humans are gaining ground through medicines (and I like fighting!).

  1. Horrible Geography Series by Anita Ganeri

It’s fun doing Geography this way.

  1. Horrible History Series by Terry Deary and Martin Brown

Because it’s full of facts about old times, and the description is fun rather than being boring!

  1. Fabelhaven by Brandon Mull

Because it is so thrilling. Look forward to other books in the series.

  1. Bone Series by Jeff Smith

Because Bone is so awesome. It is about Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone, and Phoney Bone – hilarious characters in a comic. Its full of many other funny characters.

  1. 39 Clues published by Scholastic

Because it is all about spying and, relatives are literally killing each other for the 39 clues, each wanting to become the powerful person on earth. So many close shaves. All very exciting to read.

Thank you, Abir for the wonderful list! You, my boy, will be responsible for quite a few pockets getting lighter today. And Pallavi, how does one thank a mum for raising a perfect set of well-fed bookworms?

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