Reading Essentials : A fourteen year old’s list for other 14 year olds.


This is the resident fourteen year old’s list of essential reads for any teenaged bookworm. As for the reporter, there was none. He just mailed the list to me. When I asked about Harry Potter he shrugged and replied, ‘That’s kind of understood, no, for everyone?’ Yeah, I broke a rule by questioning his list and got suitably punished by the sarcasm-dipped answer. Here goes the list:

  1. Cherub by Robert Muchamore: I like this book because of the action, and the whole concept of children being spies.
  1. Fablehaven by Brandon Mull: I love the idea of there being a secret world in one’s backyard.
  1. Butter by Erin Lange: Deals with how a kid wants to be popular and what he does to be popular. Love it.
  1. Dead Ends by Erin Lange: I like this because it is one of those rare books which is narrated by a bully.
  1. Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie: A gripping plot about a girl who travels to the other side of the globe in search of answers.
  1. Bodyguard by Chris Bradford – “The best bodyguard is the one no one notices.” Edge of the seat kind of a read.
  1. Spook’s Series by Joseph Delaney : This book narrates the story of Tom Ward and how he is apprenticed to the local spook.
  1. The Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie : Incredible plot. And the idea of Medusa Gene – awesome.
  1. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth : Divergent is a dystopian series with the protagonist Beatrice Prior being very different from others. Again, loved it.
  1. Gone by Michael Grant: The only thing I can say about this book is that if you ever wished that there were no adults, think again. Read!

Good job, dude.

What? There is no way I am thanking him for the list! I have earned it by way of an endless supply of books, and the fact that courier guys are practically family now.

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