Reading Essentials : A five years, one month and twenty one days old’s list of must-reads.

IMG_20150530_225304 copyAt the time of the report being finalised, Aarya was already 5 years 1 month 21 days old. You can add a few days and a truckload of books to that now. Since he is a smart bookworm who would not give us a list of just books, he decided to list his favourite authors!

Oliver Jeffers

  1. The Way Back Home : I love that I go to the sky in the aeroplane.
  2. How to catch a star : I love stars.
  3. Lost and Found : I like it because of Penguin getting lost.

Chris Haughton

  1. Little Owl Lost : Baby owl falls and is lost!
  2. No, George! :George eats the cake (giggles!)

 Julia Donaldson

  1. Room on the broom : it has fire breathing dragon!
  2. Gruffalo : I love Gruffalo.
  3. Monkey’s Puzzle : Monkey’s Mama is lost (giggles)
  4. Gruffalo’s Child : I like baby Gruffalo!

Mo Willems

  1. Elephant and Piggie series : So funny!
  2.  Knuffle Bunny : Anjie’s toy is lost …goes into washing machine. (Aarya likes to refer to Trixie as Anjie)

Apart from these authors, some of Aarya’s other favourites and his notes on them are:

  1. When dinosaur came with everything by Elise Broach : I want triceratops and stegosauras. 
  2. Awesome Dawson by Chris Gall : I am superhero
  3. The adventures of Sparrowboy by Brian Pinkney : I am flying superhero
  4. Pete’s Pizza by William Stieg : I am angry, then I am pizza ( giggles)
  5. Snow by Uri Shulevitz : I LOVE snow!
  6. No, David! By David Shannon : He does everything and mama says, ‘No, no no!’
  7. Flight 123 by Maria Van Lieshout : Love airports.
  8. How to grow a dinosaur by Caryl Hart: There is a T-rex!
  9. Lily’s Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes : I also like showing my new bag in school.
  10. The Princess Knight by Cornelia Flunke : Anjie is a knight in night. (Yeah, the princess is Anjie too)
  11. Not Norman by Kelly Bennett : I want a Goldfish at least.
  12. Leonardo the terrible monster by Mo Willems : Monsters are scary, not friendly, this is not a good book. BUt it is my favourite because I am in it.
  13. I want my hat back and This is not my hat by Jon Classen : The Bear eats the rabbit and the fish is lying! (More giggles follow)

Let’s not count. We will just pretend that it is a list of ten books. Just as we are going to pretend that Aarya is not a superhero in disguise. Shh!


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