Reading Essentials: A 6.5 year old’s list of books for young readers


Manognya Reddy had her first encounter with books when she was 5 months old. Since then, six years have passed, and today she is almost an independent reader. That obviously doest mean that the parents can be let off the hook as far as bed time stories are concerned. She still gets her father to read to her daily. Our correspondent who doubled up as her Manognya’s scribe, reports that the reasons are written exactly as they were dictated. 

  1. Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl : Because the three farmers are different – one is fat, two is dwarf , three is lean and they are always after Mr. Fox.
  1. Gulliver Travel by Jonathan Swift (OM books) : I like it because Gulliver becomes big as a mountain and then small as an ant.
  1. Very Interesting –Yokococo : Because the little sisters want to do what their mother is doing and the words ”very interesting” is repeated so many times.
  1. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish , Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss : I like the different fishes and rhyming words
  1. Ramayana and mahabharat  – ACK : There are different characters like people and monkeys.
  1. Heidi by Johanna Spyri (OM Books) : Excited about Heidi picking up snow goats. 
  1. Today is My Day – Anushka Ravishankar : Tala wants to be alone and I like that.
  1. The Gruffalo’s  Child – Julia Donaldson : I like the small mouse becoming the big mouse.
  1. Where’s my teddy   – Jez Alborough : I like the different bears – big real one and small toy
  1. Goodnight Lulu by Paulette Bogan: It is funny and makes me laugh.

Thank you for sharing your list, Manognya, and honestly reporting it, Shilpa!

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