Reading Essentials: A 22 month old’s list for the littlest ones


Hello everybody,
I am Seher. I am 22 months old. I have made this list of books which I read almost everyday. I wanted to write on my own but ‘Mammama’ said that you might not be able to understand my language. So I gave her the permission to write on my behalf. This is not the complete list but just a few of them. They are in order of my preference.

   1. I Love you Honey Bunny  by Christine Swift
   2. This Little Monkey – Ladybird Touch and Feel
   3. Something wonderful by Jenny Nimmo and Debbie Boon
   4. This Little Baby by Sandra Lousada
   5. Frog’s Dinner by Gaby Goldsack
   6. Puppy Goes Searching by Gaby Goldsack
   7. Little Lost Lamb by Gaby Goldsac
   8. My Big Book of Learning by Nicola Baxter
   9. Hot Cross Bunny by Christina Butler and Gavin Scott
   10. 2 Hungry bears by Linda Cornwall and Jane Chapman
   11. Tuntunir Golpo by Upendrakishore Roy ( Bengali Book)
   12. It was you Blue Kangaroo by  Emma Chichester Clark
   13. Kiss Me by Anna Jones

Seher, we are thankful to you at so many levels – for you sharing your list, for you loving books, and for your wonderful folks who are making sure that you become a bookworm with an enormous appetite. 

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