Reading Essentials: An 11-year-old’s list for his peers

Prakhar Gupta, 11 yrs

Picture a family on a holiday. Picture them visit a book exhibition where they go armed with baskets, part ways, course their own route through the shelves ,and meet at the end with the loot. No one nags the other about what to pick and what to leave. At the end they choose the absolute must-haves from their heaped baskets and thus increase the shelves at home by one. Eleven-year-old Prakhar Gupta goes on these frequent treasure hunts. He believes that quality cannot be compromised for the sake of quantity, and so he sends us a list with six books – actually the series that he included more than make up for the ten-book limit!

  1. Eragon- by Christopher Paolini : A Quadrilogy of inheritance cycle, about an ordinary farm boy who becomes a dragon rider and tries to save his kingdom from the clutches of the evil Galbotrix.
  2. Horrible Science–  by Nick Arnold: This book series is hilarious yet informative. It is the perfect book to show you the horrible side of science that is horribly interesting.
  3. Secrets Of Droon– by Tony Abbott: A story About a Boy named Eric Hinkle who unexpectedly ventured into a world of magic and must try to stop the evil powers to take over Droon.
  4. Animal Arkby Lucy Daniels: A series about a girl named Mandy who loves animals and tries to help them.
  5. Emil’s Clever Pig by Astrid Lindgren:  A funny  story about a boy who is very mischievous and owns a pig who is very clever .
  6. All Books by Roald Dahl He has written lots of funny stories for kids and I absolutely love them all. Naming few of them here – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Witches, James & the Giant Peach, Boy, Going Solo etc.

Thank you, Prakhar for placing quality over quantity and sending us this lovely list! Keep reading and keep sharing!

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