Responses I’d love to give to the upholders of pedigree

Nawab, the muggle.

Inclusion of Nawab to our family has brought forth interesting reactions, questions and observations. I sort of understand now, how the ‘mudbloods’ felt. This is how I responded. In my head. To their face, however, I was mostly polite.

1. What breed is he? Is he a hound?

A. What breed are you? Do people go around asking you that? More importantly, would you answer that? As for whether he is a hound or not : You better start hoping that he doesn’t turn into one.

2. Arrey, this looks like a stray! (Complete with a disgusted look masked with confusion)

A. Stray by definition would, in this context, mean that Nawab is homeless and wanders around on the streets. Err….he wanders around the house, and sometimes lingers on around the kitchen. So, stray, he is not.

3. Oh! You have adopted a stray? How nice of you!

A. Stray by definition….nevermind. As for nice – seriously? I think it was awfully nice of him to meet us when he did, and give us a chance to be his family. He came to us when my younger one was still grieving Jenny’s passing.

4. But why did you get a stray?

A . But why are you still breathing?

5. Doesn’t he carry infections? You allow him to mingle with the pugs?

A. Dude, that’s a new level of being a racist. Ever heard of baths and vaccination?

6. That’s quite brave of you. Strays are quite dumb, no?

A. No. On the contrary, my ‘DESI’ is smarter than all my ‘purebred’ ones, and definitely way smarter than you. Come to think of it, You stand outsmarted by my silliest pug.

7. Did you just pick him off the street? (complete with incredulous blinking)

A. No. We hired a chopper, airlifted him and then rolled out the red carpet.

8. Ah! Stray! You’d save up a lot on food and stuff – they can eat anything.

A. Yeah. That is exactly the plan. We’ll feed him vegetable peels, plastic and newspaper. And imagine the amount I’ll save monthly by not hiring the garbage collector!

He is family, not a recycle machine.

9. Good you didn’t spend any money getting an exotic breed. Bloody hurtful when they die. Too expensive!

A. That’s too many wrong words uttered in the same breath. You ought to be put on a banned list – No person, in senses or otherwise, should let you adopt or purchase a pet. Again, why are you still breathing? Just curious.

10. Does he recognize you? Strays are wild, you know.

A. You obviously were sleeping through the Life Sciences class back in school. He is a dog, not a fruit fly. He recognizes me, and you better hope he doesn’t recognize you.

Also published at Huffpost

5 thoughts on “Responses I’d love to give to the upholders of pedigree

  1. Lol! I imagine it must be very difficult to maintain a straight face while this is happenning!! My Jenny also passed away last year Sept 3rd. We r still recovering. We still choke up and tear up talking about her and seeing the dog videos. We avoid the movie Eight below like plague. And i too have neighbours who say they don’t eat at XYZ’s because they have dog at their home and its so unhygeinic. Meanwhile the rabbit at home is behaving more and more like a dog, responds to his name now and thinks it will be grave injustice to the household if he didn’t tear everything apart, morning newspaper and kiddos book being his favorite. Teachers have now stopped asking my daughter now why her books and worksheets, while being all neat and tidy have the corners all chewed up! They are family. Is that so difficult to comprehend?


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