Reading Essentials : A six-year-old’s list of 17 Must-Read Books for other six-year-olds

List of favourite books by Ruhee’s six-year-old daughter, Sumedha. She couldn’t stop at 10 so the list became of 17 books. The list comes with an unedited one line review from the reader herself as recorded by our trusted reporter, Ruhee.
1: Where the wild things are (Story and pictures by Maurice Sendak): “This book is a very funny book”.
2: There is a wocket in my pocket – (Dr. Seuss) : “This book has funny rhyming.After I read it I start laughing very loudly” .
3: Cinderella (by Om Kids) – “It makes me learn kindness”
4: Snow White (Disney book) – “it’s a princess book so I love it”
5: Sleeping beauty (Disney book) – I love this book.
6: Winnie the Pooh 
(Disney book) : “It’s a jungle book. In the story there was a donkey who lost his tail.
7: A Lion in Paris (Beatrice Alemagna, Katha world library) : (starts reading the book)- the lion was very lonely and curious in his Savannah so he reached Paris without his luggage.
8: Thumbelina (Lady bird book) – she is a girl who had married the prince.
9: The Little Lion king 
(Disney book) – There was little lion cub who’s name was Simba.
10: Jack and the beanstalk (Ladybird book) : it was a tale of a boy who went up on the beanstalk for three days.
11: The very hungry caterpillar (Eric Carle) : this book makes me learn about hungryness(!)
12: Good night buster (Rod Campbell) : buster was a good boy.
13: Captain coconut & the case of Missing Bananas (Anushka Ravishankar & Priya Sundram) – was a cleaver man.
14: Moin and the Monster (Anitha Balachandran) – Moin had monster. Monster said ‘I am a monster’ but Moin heard ‘ I am a Bonster’.
15: The Folk of Faraway tree (Enid Blyton)– It was a very good book and I love this book. ( hugs it). I like land of Giants.
16: The adventures of wishing chair (Enid Blyton) – I want to have a wishing chair and I love this book.
17: Naughty Amelia Jane  (Enid Blyton)– Amelia Jane was a naughty doll. She did bad tricks.
Sumedha, we are glad that you sent seven bonus book names! Keep reading and keep sending us longer lists of your favourites!

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