Reading Essentials : An almost five-year-old’s list for other early readers.


Jeet is 4 years and 9 months old and took up voracious reading with his mum 1.5 years back. Our reporter Shail informs us that he seeks out books everyday as soon as he gets back from school. It was also reported that he refused to stop at ten books, so here’s his list of 17 best books: 

  1. The Gruffalo – Julia donaldson
    He rates it number one , if you are reading two books at night this has to go free as the third one to read. And as a result, he remembers most of it.
    ” The gruffalo is very scary and his looks are colourful so he likes it.”
    Jeet loves the rhyming that is used each time for scaring the animals.
  1. The gruffalo childJulia donaldson
    Oh anything related to gruffalo is labelled a favourite! Loves the brave young gruffalo child, his looks, how he sneaks out when papa gruffalo is sleeping, and still comes back home unhurt.
  1. We are going for a bear hunt – Helen Oxenbury
    ‘Wow! The whole family is going for hunt even the small baby, Mumma.’ 
  1. The way back home – Oliver Jeffers
    The idea of owning a spaceship to reach moon and meeting an alien fascinates him. 
  1. How to catch a star – Oliver Jeffers
    “I want my own star too, Mumma!”
  1. Where is my teddy – Jezz alborough
    Teddy bear too needs a teddy to sleep and what a big teddy he has!
  2. The crunching munching caterpillar : Sheridan Cain
    ‘He gets the wings at the end!’
  1. Augustus and his smile – Catherine rayner ‘Mumma tigers do have smile? I thought they were always angry.’
  1. The big green book of beginners books – Dr Seuss  ‘This is so funny. The boy wishing strange funny things is my favourite.’
  1. No david-David Shannon
    ‘Mumma, you too keep saying no and I love u at night!’
  2. Where the wild things are – Maurice sendak
    ‘The costume is good I too want such a costume.’
  1. Great paper caper – Oliver jeffers ‘I love the bear stealing to make paper planes and planting trees.’
  1. The smartest giant in town – Julia Donaldson
    ‘Such big clothes!’
  1. Elephants never forgetAnushka Ravishankar ‘I love the Elephants staying with buffalo.’
  1. Why I love mummy – Daniel Howarth ‘I can read this without mumma’s help!’
  1. What the ladybird heard – Julia Donaldson
    ‘The animals fooled the thieves! (giggles)’
  1. It could have been worse – A. H. Benjamin
    ‘The rat gets saved each time! And I know who he is saved from.’ 


Thank you Jeet and Shail for this lovely list! We hope to keep getting such inside scoops on your favourite reads every few months! 


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