Reading Essentials: An almost-five-year-old’s list for little readers.

Ann Philip and Samuel send us this endearing account and the Reading Essentials list: 


We are a homeschooling family from Mumbai and don’t plan schooling formally before Samuel turns 6. So currently playing is our important activity for the day apart from reading.

I was working with Samuel on his list and his reasons for 2-3 days now. Got him to finally give me some time out of his busy playing schedule to finish this up. I told him that he can make a list of his favourites and share it with other kids and they will do the same too. He seemed quite excited about it and intially started picking up whatever was easily accessible. After a few books I asked him to pause and think what he really enjoys reading and pick those up.

We’ve really enjoyed reading Dr.Seuss books, Cat in the Hat series books, Mr.Men & Little Miss series books (he has around a 100 of those), Wizard of Oz and the Postman Pat series, together. Currently he’s a whole lot into rockets & outer space too. So honestly I was a wee bit dejected when none of these books made the cut in his list of current favourites!  But, oh well! It’s his list! Whatever he enjoys! Here’s Samuel’s list of favourite books:

  1. Tractor (Touch and Feel): I like the feeling of the book.
  1. The Accident (I like to read series): I like it because after sometime Sheila got happy watching her favourite show.
  1. Fun at the County Fair (John Deere): Because I like finding the piggy!
  1. Animal Safari – Canada (BrownBox series): I like the map because if you get lost in Canada you can use the map.
  1. Farm (Baby’s First Library): Because I like guessing the animals.
  1. Animals (Baby’s First Library): Same as above.
  1. Dinosaur’s Day Out by Nick Sharratt: Because I can help the dinosaurs when they take the wrong road.
  1. Have you seen the Crocodile? by Colin West: Because they all get eaten.
  1. Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne: Because I like how Handa gets all the fruits which gets eaten and then someone helps and she gets tangerines which her friend Akeyo likes.
  1. One, Two Flea! by Allan Ahlberg & Colin McNaughton: I like when the flea gets inside the tea. 
  1. The Story of Chicken Licken by Jan Ormerod: I like how the baby in the audience gets out.
  1. The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin by Betsy Bang: I like that she doesn’t get eaten. 
  1. Big Talk (Poems for four voices) by Paul Fleischman: Because I like the bull frogs croaking part.
  1. The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis: Because I want to know what happens in Narnia.
  1. Big Book of Great Fairy Tales: Because it’s fun to learn about all of them.
  1. The Farmer by Samuel – I like The Farmer story which I have written because I like the changing seasons.

Thank you Ann and Samuel! The last one in the list is truly special!

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