Reading Essentials : A four-year-old’s list for other little readers.

Farah Farooque Sends us the following list that has been put together by her little girl. Over to Farah: 
fav 10
Alveena is a 4 year old raccoon. We have been reading together ever since she was a 2-month-old baby. In fact, my reading has taken a backseat so that I can keep pace with her voracious appetite for books. We have a HUGE collection of books and it continues to grow. When I asked her to choose her top 10, it was a predictable list for me. Even though, there are a few there which I wouldn’t recommend to any fellow raccooner, but Alveena was very sure that she wanted those in her list. Also, reasons for having the book as her favourite are exactly as were told to me by her.


So here goes the list in order of preference:

1. DK Human Body Encyclopedia – “I love this book because it has the skull, the brain, eyeballs, skeleton, ear drums. That’s why I love this book.”
2. Smart Lab Squishy Human Body – “I love this book because it has the digestive system, liver, kidney, the bladder, rib cage, heart, hair muscles.”
3. Dora and the Unicorn King – “I love this book because it has Dora, Unicornio and Boots.”
4. Noddy Adventures in Toyland by Enid Blyton – “I love this book because my mama reads it to me everyday. It is fun, I love it.”
5. The Jam Pandas’ First Book of Counting – “I love this book because it has the Jam Pandas.”
6. Stories for 1 year olds – “I love this book because it has my favourite story called Bath time for Bo.”
7. Clifford the Big Red Dog – “I love this book because I love Clifford.”
8. Fairyland Treasury – “I love this book because I love the story Beauty and the Beast.”
9. Urborne The Complete Book of First Experiences – “I love this book because I love the pictures in this book.”
10. Quran Stories for Little Believers: The Spider’s House – “I love this book because there are some blue and some golden spiders in this book.”
Farah we can never thank you enough for letting the list be. You are a true reading raccoon parent who lets the child read whatever they want rather than imposing personal likes/dislikes. And Alveena, that is a fairly diverse list! Hoping for more in the years to come! Keep reading!

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