Reading Essentials : A nearly-four-year-old’s list for other tiny ones.

Swatantra Kalra sends us the following report:   


Reet is three year and ten months old. I have been reading her books since the age of three months; her first book Cow wants to sing a song is a favourite of all even today. I have always loved how she remembers the sentences from few books and keep on repeating them throughout the day and now in the nights she will says, ‘Mom Mujhe book read kar do!’

  1. Nanhi Kho Gayee – Kamal Kant Koner

Nanhi kho gayee. I love sonpankhi. I love title. Nanhi is sad.

  1. Jab aaye pahiye – Aup Rai

Gol Gol go!

  1. Cow wants to sing a song illustrated by Nicola Evans and written by Clive Batkins

Cow wants to sing a song. I like lots and lots of it.

  1. The dust storm – Geeta Dharmarajan art by Atanu Roy

Choomantar where am I, I am in a garden in the sky. Colors, I think this book has a pink blue, purple, yellow, orange. And I love rainbow, and I love so many colours because I like reading also that’s what I am saying.

  1. Disney Winnie the pooh Does it float?

Pooh has a strawberry because he wants to eat strawberry and a basket of strawberry.

  1. Ten Little Caterpillar By Bill Martin Jr Illustrated by Lois Ehlert

Two little caterpillars because I like caterpillars. I like all the caterpillars like this. They don’t scare me! And caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly.

  1. Rosie’s Hat – Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey

Puff Puff Blow Blow! Woof Woof whats that!

I like Rosie Hat. Auntie finds the hat…

  1. Days with Thathu – Geeta Dharmarajan art by Nancy Raj

I like to read because I like to read books. Thathu has no teeth.

  1. Best Friends The Dairies of Worm and Spider By Doreen Cronin Pictures by Harry Bliss

Worm has a lovely dairy. Spider and worm I love.

  1. Ten Little Kisses Illustrated by Russel Julian

Ten Little kisses like a old duckling splash. Dog can be very colourful, Swatantra, I like all the dogs.

This is utterly adorable. And you have hindi books in the collection too! Reet, for a three year old, you are very well-read. We look forward to getting more lists! 

P.S. I like all dogs too!

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