Reading Essentials : A six-year-old’s list for other young readers

When I got this mail, I kept going back to look at the pictures attached with the mail, trying to decide which one to put up. They are all so endearing and describe exactly what a child ought to be – lost to the world, lying in the middle of the bookstore, immersed in the pages. So I put them all up. 

Thank you Ambika for putting this together with Aarna! This is exactly what we need in the dreary, exam-laden months! And as always the list goes way beyond top ten just the way it is supposed to!


Aarna has just turned 6 and has been reading for a very long time now. She is generally found in varied corners of the house reading a book. Sitting under a tree in a garden and reading a book is her all time favourite.


Here’s a list of her favourites as listed by her:

Rosie Revere, Engineer. Because Rosie  makes brilliant gadgets.

The Stinky Cheese Man: And Other Fairly Stupid Tales. Because it is REALLY funny.

Clark the Shark Dares to Share. Because it teaches sharing is caring.

Disney Family Story Collection. Because it teaches “family values”.

365 Stories of Indian Mythology. Because it teaches us about “Gods& Goddesses”.

Amelia Bedelia. Because it is an “interesting picture book”.

Paddington Bear and the Christmas Surprise. Because it talks about the “spirit of Christmas”.

Devis. Because it has a story on “me”. Aarna means Goddess Lakshmi in Hindi.

Where the Wild Things Are. Because its about “monsters and wild imagination”.

Ivy and Bean. Because it’s about “friendship”.

Lily Gets Her Wings. Because my papa got it for me! Also I like its pink pages and pretty pictures.

Pashu. Because it has animal stories.

Matilda. Because my mumma gifted this one. Also because “Matilda is a superhero for me”.

A Treasury of Fairy Tales. Because it is a “Classic”. It is my chachi’s childhood favourite passed on to me.

Madeline. Because its “just so good”.

In the Wonderland of Numbers. Because it has “numbers” and “maths”.

Tales of Toyland. Because its written by Enid Blyton, “my favourite”. It has stories of “toys”

Storyteller: Tales from Arabian Nights. Because of “Queen Scherazade” and her “ability to make new stories”.

Malgudi Adventures. It is a “Classic”. Its “simple”.

Classic Treasure Fairy Tales. Because these are “fairy tales”.

365 Jataka Tales. Because these are “interesting stories”.