An ode

Last night, my father called and told me that they know are at that stage when those whom we had taught to walk will lead us through, teaching us how to live. That unsettled me. It is unnerving when your superheroes sound like they are hanging up their capes and won’t be looking out for you. and to make it worse, they expect you to match them up! So, for me that cape will always flow behind them. Most of us have never really said thanks to our parents. We just assume that they know. THis is my ode to you mom and pop for being who you are and making me what I am.

Tiny feet soft hands I came into your life with bewildered eyes

I was helpless and you took me under your wings in a trice.

I grew taller and with me my imperfections grew manifold

Little glimmer of goodness in me that you alone saw and extolled

You made me strong and kind, all at the same time

You taught me to wipe the tears, brush off the grime

And look for cracks in the door that just slammed on my face

With courage, hope, steady soul and heart apace

Today you say I give you strength and guide you through

Although an honor, but that’s just not true

I am just a mirror reflecting back your thought

That guided me when I panicked and felt overwrought

The reassuring words that your hear are not mine

They are the echo of your soothing voice

The calm that you say you feel in my presence

Isn’t mine but was instilled by you amidst the noise

So I thank you now for being the force

which set the ship sailing in turbulent seas

I am just a frail little leaf, hanging on to both of you

standing strong, standing tall, my life giving trees.