things we forget…

My first step resulted in a fall
But I got up and stood tall
I walked again and fell yet again
That didn’t stop me
I tried to eat by myself but the spoon eluded me
For each morsel in my mouth, on the floor were three
I tried again, failed again
That didn’t deter me
These laces are quite a tricky business
Tying them up requires quite a bit of finesse
I tried again, failed again
That didn’t hold me back.
Putting on a shirt seemed very simple and easy
Every time I tried to slip it on the buttons fooled me
I tried again, I failed again
That didn’t pull me down
Today I walk, tie my laces, eat and do much more
And each time destiny turns around and locks a door
I remember the time I was a little child
Each time I fell I got up and tried again
Failed yet again but that couldn’t chain me down
Go on destiny! Turn you back on me and slam that door
For I will simply turn around, brush my clothes and look for more
For I am made to try again and fail some more
You can slow me down but you can’t ever push me to the floor.